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The Celtic Cross Whistle Shop. We are a Celtic music store specializing in Irish tin whistles & penny whistles. We offer a good selection of whistles with some of the lowest prices and finest customer service you can find anywhere!

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Killarney Whistles

The Killarney Whistle is a precision hand-crafted instrument, manufactured in Killarney, Ireland. It is designed and produced by life-long Tin Whistle players (and music teachers), Padraig Buckley & Tadhg Buckley. Check out Padraig in this demonstration of one of their whistles. The Celtic Cross Whistle Shop is proud to be able to offer Killarney whistles to our Canadian & American customers!

Chieftain Whistles

 Esteemed Whistle player, Phil Hardy demonstrating his mezzo D. Phil began making whistles in the early 90’s and went on to design the much loved Chieftain Irish Low Whistles and High Whistles. Made from machined aluminium in England, Chieftain whistles have become a popular choice for films recording sessions and music including traditional Irish music, jazz amongst other genres. Chieftain whistles are superb instruments and a popular choice for professional musicians across the world.

Susato Whistles

Susato whistles are manufactured by the Kelischek Workshop for Historical Instruments, founded by George Kelischek in 1955 in Witten Germany.  George is a Geigenbaumeister ( Master violin maker ) and moved the shop from Witten to Brasstown North Carolina in 1970. Susato whistles are easy to play, and have a bright responsive sound that many professional musicians prefer including Naomi Lindsey of the Lindsey Family Band. Check Naomi, her siblings & her Susato out in this video.

Killarney Whistles

2 keys- D & Eb

2 finishes- Nickel & Brass


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